A friend of mine recently went to see her daughter at Perdue University.

While she was visiting her daughter, she took her work laptop with her to

do some work while she was over there. In the hurry to get back to Houston,

she accidentally left her laptop behind in her hotel room.


When she realized she had left it behind, she called the hotel. The staff didn’t

find the laptop.


My friend had anti-theft application on her laptop, and when she went to activate

the software her password was changed. She was taken back by the change as she

was quite certain of what it was. She reached inside of her purse for her agenda,

and she to her dismay she realized her work agenda was inside her laptop bag,

along with all of the passwords for her accounts.


Though a police report was made, my friend didn’t recuperate her laptop. The

laptop files were not backed up. Work documents that had taken days, weeks, and months

to create were lost in an instant. It cause her a lot of stress, frustration, and sadness to lose

so much work related materials.


This sad reality is faced by many people in the United States. A study by Poneman Institute found

that each week over 12,000 laptops are stolen  from their rightful owners.


To protect your work files, it is very beneficial to put your work in the clouds. It’s definitely

protects your files in the event of theft.


To back up your work files with cloud back up,  you’ll need to obtain a cloud backup provider.

Once you have your cloud provide, all you need to do is upload your work files. You then get

to choose how often to back up your work files.


When you back up your files, you’ll save time, energy, and money. You deserve the peace of

mind of knowing that your work files are safe and sound.